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Let the Caddy handle it

Walking or jogging is great exercise for both you and your dog. It’s an opportunity for bonding with your dog, with nature, your friends and other dog lovers. No matter which benefit you seek, when you’re swinging a full bag of poop, it’s pretty hard to focus on a fun walk or jog. The Poop Caddy - Detail By including The Poop Caddy™ on your trip, your mind, and your hands are free to focus on more important things.

– Life is short; let the caddy handle the dirty work. –

“The Poop Caddy has been a nice addition to our walks. Living in the city, it’s tough to find a handy trash can. With The Poop Caddy, I don’t have to worry about carrying a poop bag for blocks and constantly looking for a trash can. Love it, and will tell all my ‘dog parent’ friends about it!”

Jessica M., Philadelphia, PA

“Love, love, love The Poop Caddy! My dog loves walking on the beach, but it was such a hassle dealing with his ‘mess’ and carrying his waste bag around with us, until we found a trash can. Now, with The Poop Caddy, it’s no big deal. Finally, it’s a TRUE PLEASURE for both myself and my dog to enjoy our beach walks!!”

Tracy S., Laguna Niguel, CA

“I love The Poop Caddy for my large breed Labrador, Benni! It’s everything I need to take him on a long walk. Cinches right onto his leash, super simple, convenient and no mess or odor! Problem Solver!”

Melynda W., West Reading, PA