How the Caddy came about…

The POOP Caddy™ story began in early 2013, when I was unexpectedly laid-off from my full-time job. This life change allowed me plenty of free time to do what I love…to walk our (3) dogs – Harley, Sammy, and Bob. What I quickly discovered is that Sammy enjoyed the walks even more than the other dogs.

Not only would he stop at almost every house to smell all the new scents and mark every tree, but he also enjoyed “doo-ing his business” shortly into our walk. Therefore, I would have to carry his ‘full poop bag’ with us for the remainder of our walk, which was usually another 30-45 minutes…UGH!

The inconvenience of carrying a “full bag”, not to mention the SMELL of the dog waste, was enough for me to start thinking of ways to solve this problem. Several drawings and mock-ups later, *waa-laa*! The POOP Caddy™ was created.

Now, my walks with Sammy and all of our dogs, is just as enjoyable for me as it is for the dogs.

About The Poop Caddy